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Rehabilitative Yoga

Rehabilitative yoga is directed toward students who are interested in practicing yoga, but who cannot join a general yoga class due to injury, illness, or other physical difficulties. The in-depth lesson grants students tools for dealing with injury, improving quality of life, gradually transforming posture, strengthening the body, and lessening pain. It is an opportunity for developing a connection to the body despite injury and pain. In my experience, those who deal with difficulty and physical limitations can develop deep and meaningful understanding with the help of precise and careful yoga practice.

The lesson is one and a half hours, and the group is small. With time, a personal home practice for each student is developed.

Joining the medical class demands commitment and continuity to achieve results. To join the class, please contact me at 0525834959 to schedule an initial meeting. The number of places in the class is limited.

Myoga, Cfar Saba

Wednesdays 19:15-20:45

First class: 80 shekels
10-class card: 750 shekels